Blend, Create, Inspire: Elevate Your Artistry with Oil and Dry Pastels.

Discover the world of vibrant colours and creative expression through our comprehensive course on oil and dry pastels.

12 Sessions Per Batch

( 1.30 Hrs/ Session)

6 Yrs & Above

Course Fee: Rs.2499/-

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Basics of Oil & dry pastels

Pastels offer artists two distinct mediums for creating colorful and expressive artwork. These sessions will introduce the medium and its creative application without burdening the young learners with the theories. The method will focus more on practically understanding the medium. This way the students learn the methods of using both these mediums and improve the skills and discover the possibilities of the medium in exploring their creativity almost like the way they are immersed in games.

Benefits of this course

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Key Takeaways from Learning Oil and Dry Pastels

Skills mastered

What does your kit include?

The kit includes:
Note: Keep in mind that while a basic pencil drawing kit includes essential materials, your instructor may provide specific recommendations based on the course’s curriculum

What our student's say

The pastel kit has ignited a passion for pastel art that my child never had. The process of layering colours and exploring different techniques has been both educational and incredibly enjoyable.

V.John Grade 5

The pencil drawing course was a revelation for me. Learning to create depth, texture, and lifelike portraits has opened up a whole new world of artistic expression. I'm excited to continue growing as an artist.


Working with oil and dry pastels has become my therapeutic escape. The kit's inclusion of fixatives helped me preserve my artwork and showcase it proudly. I'm grateful for the wonderful experience.

Ava S. Grade 10

What could you do next once the course is over?

On completion of this course you may decide one of the following as your choice of course:
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