Unleash Your Creativity with Ink and Pen Basics

Explore the art of using a pen and dive into the captivating realm of pen and ink drawing. Immerse yourself in a world where lines, hatching, and stippling converge to craft intricate and expressive artworks.

12 Sessions Per Batch

( 1.30 Hrs/ Session)

15 Yrs & Above

Course Fee: Rs.6999/-

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Basics of Pen & Ink Sketching

This course will help you unleash your creativity using pen and ink sketching. While exploring the expressive qualities of line, the course will hone your skills in creating detailed and intricate sketches. It will also introduce different pen techniques and the magic of giving life to the sketches.

Some key benefits from this course

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Key Takeaways from Pen and Ink Sketching Course

Skills Mastered

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What our student's say

I wanted to learn the art of illustration for a long time and this course has really helped me to improve my creative drawing skills and expressions.

Dhanvi-Grade 7

The basics of the pen and ink sketching course was something innovative. I've always been drawn to the intricate details that pen and ink can create, and this course provided clear guidance to get started. I'm thrilled with the results and can't wait to refine my skills further.

Janani Grade 10

Pen and ink sketching is a world of its own, and this course was the perfect introduction. I appreciated the demonstrations and practical tips that made the learning process enjoyable. It's a versatile technique that I'm eager to continue exploring.

Oviya Grade 6

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