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CCC - Where artistic dreams take flight

Welcome to Chitravathi Centre for Creativity, a unique institution dedicated to fostering the artistic talents of young minds. Our Ma’at programme, offered at our Anna Nagar Centre, is a transformative three-month journey that will unlock your child’s creative potential and guide them towards a fulfilling artistic odyssey.

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We invite you to experience the vibrant, inspiring environment of Chitravathi Centre for Creativity firsthand. Book a walk-in appointment to explore our premium venue, meet our experienced mentors, and witness the transformative power of our Ma’at programme. It’s a chance for you and your child to see the magic of art in action, ask questions, and discover the opportunities that await.
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The Ma'at Experience

A Comprehensive Exploration of Art

Over the course of three months and 36 classes, your child will immerse themselves in various art forms, including painting, drawing, and clay modeling. Guided by experienced mentors, they will explore different artistic materials and techniques, creating exceptional works of art that reflect their unique voice and vision

Showcase Your Child's Talent

An Exclusive Solo Exhibition for Each Student

The Ma’at programme culminates in a solo exhibition for each student, showcasing their exceptional works of art. This exclusive event, attended by prominent artists and families, is a testament to your child’s growth, creativity, and progress. It’s a celebration of their hard work and a vibrant event that you won’t want to miss

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