Paid workshops

Engage in enriching art and craft workshops designed for various age groups, where participants can unleash their creativity, learn new skills, and create beautiful masterpieces. These workshops provide a fun and interactive environment for young minds to explore different art techniques, experiment with various materials, and take their artistic abilities to new heights.

Workshops in Apartments

We are organizing free half-day workshop in various apartment complexes in the neighbourhood of the new Centre of the CCC in Anna Nagar. This workshop will introduce the activities of CCC and offer interactive and mindful programmes for the students. Our goal is to sensitize the students and their parents as to how we supplement their learning process and provide them with exposure to the world of art and art education. Led by skilled instructors, these interactive sessions provide a creative platform for students to learn the basics of art, unleash their imagination, and develop a deeper appreciation for the artistic process.


CCC sees healthy competitions as a means to improve the talent of the students, at the same time without breeding enmity. We regularly organize various competitions as creative engagements for the student community in our schools. This year we are streamlining it further to introduce more programmes thus giving the opportunity for the students to experiment with various art forms, and receive recognition for their artistic achievements.
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