Crafting with Paper: Explore the World of Collage and Origami

In this basic course of Paper Collage and Origami we introduce your child to a world of creativity using colour paper sheets.

12 Sessions Per Batch

( 1.30 Hrs/ Session)

6 Yrs & Above

Course Fee: Rs.2499/-

Trusted By 10,000+ Parents

Basics of Paper Collage & Origami

Both paper collage and origami offer unique opportunities for artistic expression and creativity, using the immense possibilities of paper. Through the vibrant and layered compositions of paper collage and the precise and delicate folds of origami, artists can explore their imagination, develop new skills, and bring their ideas to life with the simple medium of paper. Here again, we teach them the tricks in the same way as they are part of some games so that there will not be any stress while learning.

Benefits of learning this art

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Key aspects that you would acquire

Skills Mastered

What's in your kit?

Your kit includes:
Note: Keep in mind that while a basic pencil drawing kit includes essential materials, your instructor may provide specific recommendations based on the course’s curriculum.

What our student's say

I have struggled with finding a creative outlet that fits my schedule. The doodling basics course was a game-changer for me. It's convenient, relaxing, and has opened up a whole new world of art for me.

Alex R.grade 10

Being a beginner, I was worried whether my child would be able to keep up, but the course structure is well-paced and accommodating. The interactive exercises really help reinforce the learning.

D.Thaniya- Grade 5

Working with paper and scissors was new to my child at this age , however with the help of good teachers she has been able to excel in her art with confidence.The training given was good.

A.Rashmi -Grade 4

What could you do next once the course is over?

You might try any of the following to take your creativity to the next level:
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