Depth, Detail, and Discovery: Advanced Acrylic Artistry Defined

This course is customised for individuals who have a good knowledge in acrylics and are ready to enter into the realm of little advanced techniques, compositions, and expressive depths.
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Advanced Acrylic Painting Course

In the Advanced level of Acrylic Painting, students will expand their artistic horizons both in terms of subjects, styles and techniques. Through advanced techniques and use of the medium, students will create bold and expressive acrylic paintings that showcase their artistic growth and individuality.

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Your kit includes:
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Upayan Bardhan

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What our student's say

I was amazed at how much depth and emotion I could infuse into my paintings after completing this course. The focus on narrative and composition has transformed my work into true storytelling pieces.

Alex S. Grade 4

The confidence I gained from mastering complex compositions and experimenting with mixed media has been truly liberating. This course encouraged me to push my boundaries and embrace creative freedom.

Liam.M Grade 8

I can't express how much my personal style has evolved through this course. I now have a unique voice that I'm proud of, and I owe it to the guidance and support of the instructors.

Isabella.C Grade 5

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