Elevate Your Craft: Masterful Expression in Intermediate Oil Painting

Step into the realm of artistic mastery with our intermediate oil painting course.
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Intermediate Oil Painting Course

In the Intermediate level of Oil Painting, students will deepen their understanding of the medium and refine their skills in capturing the nuances of light, color, and texture. This way, you will learn advanced techniques to create expressive oil paintings.

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Your kit includes:
Keep in mind that while a kit includes essential materials, your instructor may provide specific recommendations based on the course’s curriculum.


Upayan Bardhan

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What our student's say

Joining this course changed my approach to figure drawing. The advanced techniques I learned, especially in shading and dynamic poses, have elevated my skills. I now create drawings that capture emotions and movement like never before.

R.Jineesh Grade 8

This course helped me break through artistic barriers. The techniques for capturing movement and emotion in figure drawings were eye-opening. The supportive environment and constructive feedback fuelled my growth.

I.Olivia Grade 10

Enrolling in this course was the best decision for my artistic journey. The skills I've learned in composition and texture have taken my art to a new level of professionalism. I'm excited to continue exploring.


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