Discover the Artistry of Oil Painting Basics

Enter into the world of oil painting through our comprehensive course designed to introduce you to the foundational techniques and principles of this classic medium.

12 Sessions Per Batch

( 1.30 Hrs/ Session)

15 Yrs & Above

Course Fee: Rs.6999/-

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Basics of Oil Painting

Oil painting is a rich and timeless medium that is practiced by artists all over the world. This introductory course on the classic medium has been designed to teach the foundational techniques of oil painting, including color mixing, layering, and brushwork. This will be your foundation for creatively using this medium to create expressive artworks.

Benefits of learning this art

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Your kit includes:
Note: Keep in mind that while a basic kit includes essential materials, your instructor may provide specific recommendations based on the course’s curriculum.

What our student's say

Joining this course changed my approach to figure drawing. The advanced techniques I learned, especially in shading and dynamic poses, have elevated my skills. I now create drawings that capture emotions and movement like never before.

R.Jineesh Grade 8

This course helped me break through artistic barriers. The techniques for capturing movement and emotion in figure drawings were eye-opening. The supportive environment and constructive feedback fuelled my growth.

I.Olivia Grade 10

I've always admired oil paintings' richness and texture. This course made me realize that with the right guidance, I can achieve those effects too. The instructor's expertise and supportive environment made the learning process enjoyable

P.Neeraj Grade 10

Taking the oil painting course was a transformative experience for me. I started as a complete beginner, and now I'm amazed at how confident I feel with oils. The step-by-step guidance and patient instructor made all the difference.

C.Bobby Grade 11

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